Character, Integrity and Transparency

Citizens of Redmond

For the last three and a half years, I have had the honor of serving you as Redmond City Councilor. During that time, we have seen great progress. I have been a strong advocate for addressing homelessness, building affordable housing, supporting safe parking, building a new recreation center, building a new library, and ensuring our law enforcement officers have a state-of-the-art Public Service Building to serve our community and keep us safe.

Improving the quality of life for all our citizens in Redmond is my top priority. That is why I am asking you to:

RE—ELECT Clifford Evelyn for Redmond City Council

Thank you for your support.


Occupation: Executive Board President, New Priorities Family Services of Redmond; Law Enforcement (Retired)

Occupational Background: Clark County Sheriff’s Commander; Clark County Sheriff’s Office Commanders Guild Secretary; Sheriff’s Office Training Sergeant; “Our Personal Best” award from the Clark County Sheriff’s for Outstanding Performance; Cultural Diversity Award

Educational Background: New York University Business Administration; L.A. Trade Tech Business Management Studies; U.S. Naval Management School Certification; Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission Correctional Academy Certification

Prior Governmental Experience: Clark County Mental Health Committee; Clark County Diversity Committee; Chair of Sheriff’s Office Safety Committee; US Navy Petty Officer

Committees, Commissions & Organizations: Redmond Rotary Club; Redmond Chamber of Commerce Board – Council Liason; Central Oregon Intergovernmental Commission; Executive Board President New Priorities Family Services; Redmond Commission for Art in Public Places – Council Liason; Housing & Community Developement – Council Liason